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Support | TTP-343 Plus

On this page you’ll find all the instructions and information you need for printing labels with the TTP-343 Plus. Select the item for which you need support below.

Instruction videos

How to place labels

How to place ink ribbon

How to maintain your TTP-343 Plus

How to calibrate your TTP-343 Plus


  1. Download the ASML logo
  2. Download the TPM tool
  3. Run the TPM tool
  4. Select the printer(s) from the list
     If the printer is not visible in the list, try to set up a connection with a USB cable
  5. Go to File Manager
  6. In the File Type dropdown menu, select BMP
  7. Click Browse
  8. Browse to the ASML logo on your local drive
  9. Click Download
  10. To check if the download was successful, click Get. The file should now be visible in the box on the left.
  11. Close the pop-up, and then close the TPM tool.
  12. Test your printer.

This printer is no longer supported. Please contact Altec for a replacement printer.

  1. No power | LED status/color: Off | Printer Status: off
    Turn on the power switch.
    Check if the green LED is lit on the power supply. If it is not lit on, power supply is broken.
    Check both power connection from the power cord to the power supply and from the power supply to the printer power jack.
  2. The printer is on and ready to use | LED status/color: Solid green | Printer Status: On
    No action necessary.
  3. The printer is paused | LED status/color: Green with blinking | Printer Status: Pause
    Press the feed button to resume printing.
  4. The printer is out of labels or Ribbon | LED status/color: Red with blinking | Printer Status: Stopped
    Load a roll of labels and follow the instructions in Loading the Paper then press the feed button to resume printing.
    Load a roll of ribbon and follow the instructions in Loading the Ribbon then press the feed button to resume printing.

Make sure you have installed the proper Ribbon:

  • B483 labels : R-6002 White Plastic Core
  • B478 labels : R-6002 White Plastic Core
  • B427 labels : R-7950 Black Plastic Core (Cable labels only)

Is the label or ribbon loaded correctly? Follow the instructions on the quick start guide in loading the paper or loading the ribbon.

Make sure the labels are loaded accurately.

Make sure you have selected the right label format in the ASML portal.

Make sure the printer is installed properly on the computer AND in the portal (see Quick Start Guide). Try to do a testprint from the Windows driver, if the printer responds it is installed properly and you need to check the settings in the portal.

Sometimes the portal can’t see the first installed printer on a computer. Adding the printer again in Windows will fix the problem. Another solution is to delete the printer you just installed, add a “dummy” printer (Generic Text driver for example) and then add your TTP-343 printer.

Make sure you have the latest version of Java and “add” ASML as a Trusted site. You will need admin rights to perform this action. Go to to download the latest version of Java.

Follow the instructions on the instruction sheet in the download section.

Make sure you install the labels with the printable area facing up and the “notch” on the righ-hand side.